Thursday, July 23, 2015

Dance and durians party!

For a lot of us, durians seems a great source of happiness. Of course, to me, dance also equals happiness. 
Now what happens when we combine these 2 sources of happiness together? 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Romantic Rumba

I am highly flattered by the feedback on the rumba routine, taught at my class.

Feedback from my student: I think this Rumba routine is very pretty. It has a good mix of dance elements- simple, basic dance moves coupled with enough sexy and provocative elements , with room for self- expression.

"Ben- you did a good job! Well done!"

This is a moment that makes me want to strive harder for my dance classes.
Ben Lau Dance

Samba at Ben Lau Dance

I taught this Samba routine at Raffles Town Club. Again, I am highly encouraged by the positive feedback from my students.

Feedback: This samba routine is exciting. It has a good mix of dance elements- basic dance moves coupled with fast and exacting movements that are challenging for a dance student and satisfying enough for an experienced dancer. The choreography here reflects well on Ben Lau. Excellent work, Ben!