Monday, July 24, 2017

Unexpected Wedding Surprise

Wedding Event - Bridegroom sing to his wife ! BLD choreographed the dance :)

The wedding couples' " brother and sister" playing their supportive role , dancing to his wonderful rendition and making the whole item so romantic and touching

Ben Lau Dance choreographed the dancing :)

A surprise Element of Success

A surprise item for the wedding guests ... it started with a slow chinese song and then suddenly changed to the romantic beautiful song of  "the beauty and the beast"

The guests knew the couples never danced in the life before and were thrilled by their wedding dance.

They clapped and cheered the couple on. :))

Preparation of Wedding Dance

Its so fun helping wedding couples prepare for their wedding dance.

Beside their wedding dance, they have one special item - bridegroom singing for their guests!

They have very sporting good friends/ relatives willing to do back up dancing. As you can see, none of them have any dance background.

They are a cohesive lot ! This video is only their very first lesson. And many of them dont know each other. By the end of the session, they become friends. And thorough out the whole session, there was much laughter and giggling.  :) :) :)

School Kids in Ethnic Dance

Primary School children doing ethnic dance.
Dancing is good. Teach their discipline, motor skills, team work and creativity.
Their 5th lesson. The dance shaping up quite nicely.
Keep it up children ! :))

Hip Hop To School

Ben Lau Dance bring Hip Hop dance to school. This is a video after the 1st hr. They are able to do a decent dance and most importantly they are all enjoying themselves. Getting the Singaporeans kids to the dance beat of the NOW.

Kids Dance

I had a most enjoyable time teaching Dance Choreography to students with little or no experience  in Dance. These students were taught to listen and count to the beats in the music,  And viola, this Dance is birthed!